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We are Woven


Woven was founded as a community of people who love to sing. We believe music has the power to inspire, cross boundaries and bring people together. We strive to create a space where every voice has value and to sing songs that reflect our members' experiences. Each song we sing is brought to the group by one of our members because it carries with it a personal connection, story, or emotion that moves them. Through the music we sing, we hope to give voice to these experiences and foster community between ourselves and others. 


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Current Group

Summer/Fall 2017



Koyel Bhattacharyya

Sarah Jiang

Sharareh Sadaghiani


Jelani Munroe

Joey Fernandez

Joseph Jung

Nicholas Biddle


Kadesia Woods

Shantelle Williams


Charlie Yang

Gus Wellin

Mattias Lanas


News & Updates




Woven has performed at events throughout the Bay Area and is always looking for opportunities to perform, learn new songs, and collaborate with other artists. For inquiries or questions please email Gus Wellin at gwellin@wovensingers.com